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  1. How do I get my son/daughter involved in Teen Leadership Corps? 
    You will have to talk to your high school administration and have them contact Teen Leadership Corps at programs@teenleadershipcorps.org to get the program in your son/daughter’s high school.
  2. What does this program cost the school system? 
    There is no cost to the school system, the school must provide a certified teacher for one section/day who displays enthusiasm for service and enjoys working with teens.
  3. What curriculum does the TLC instructor use? 
    Several members of the Teen Leadership Corps staff and Board of Directors have over 25 years experience working with high school student leaders and have developed an authentic curriculum that enables easy implementation for school districts.
  4. What kind of service projects do TLC classes do? 
    The students in the Teen Leadership Corps class are the primary decision makers for service projects. Because every school has unique needs these projects will vary. Typically, ALL the TLC classes mentor/tutor elementary students. Currently TLC Classes partner with “Kick-It” to raise money for childhood cancer research; collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House; and focus on the specific needs within their school communities and world around them!
  5. My child would love to be in TLC, but he’s too busy with sports & work after school. 
    This is one of our favorites…this is exactly why TLC is a part of the ‘regular’ school day. Teenagers today lead incredibly busy lives and statistics have proven that when teens perform service in high school they are much more likely to continue service to others throughout their life – this is the essence of a true education.
  6. Can I learn more about specific TLC programs in a school near me?