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For nearly 10 years, Teen Leadership Corps has brought schools a cutting edge, comprehensive leadership program designed to transform students, schools, and communities throughout the Midwestern United States.

With the ever-evolving educational climate, we know that the added pressures our school districts face on a daily basis, makes it nearly impossible for them to allocate the funds, time, and additional resources needed to develop an effective leadership program.

That’s where we come in. 

Teen Leadership Corps is the only 501 (c) 3 non-profit in the country established to provide the educational training, instructional resources, community partnerships, and financial means necessary to implement a successful accredited Academic/Service Leadership Program in High Schools.

We provide schools with a fully funded academic & service leadership program at no direct cost.

Along with a cutting-edge curriculum and unique service learning component that focuses on civic responsibility and engagement, we also connect students, schools, and partners from across the region to create a community of like-minded leaders and difference makers.

What TLC Provides:

• Fully accredited curriculum
• Teacher training
• Connections to various community partners
• Ongoing program support and grant funding for projects
• All course materials, including textbooks and a one of a kind character service based curriculum

What YOU Provide:

• A certified teacher for one section/day who displays enthusiasm for service and enjoys working with teens
• Apart from this, there is no additional cost to schools, and TLC will continually provide ongoing financial and instructional support in following years
“The Teen Leadership Corps class creates a special energy among our students and provides opportunities and experiences for a level of service that incorporates higher level thinking skills. Through the TLC class, the students learn that they are an integral part of our community. I highly recommend this program.”
Dr. Judy Monaghan, Superintendent
“This is the leadership program our schools have been seeking for decades…”
Dennis Doughty, Superintendent



  • Instruction Work
  • Lessons on leadership, character, role-modeling, facilitation skills, working with different generations, importance of community collaboration, etc.
  • Guest speakers from the community

Tuesday – Thursday

  • Field/Service Work
  • Two days are spent outside the classroom engaged in service (youth mentoring/tutoring, visits to area nursing homes, work with existing service agencies, etc.)
  • One day is spent planning and initiating service projects within the school and community


  • Reflection Work
  • Sharing service experience from the week
  • Class discussion on what worked that week, what modifications should be made, etc.
  • Brainstorming and pitching future service project ideas
Note: This is just a general model of a typical week. Schools, teachers, and students have complete freedom to modify the schedule and curriculum to suit their specific needs (in fact, it’s encouraged).

Interested in bringing TLC to your school?

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Want to speak to an educator who has already brought TLC to their school district? Contact Dennis Doughty, a superintendent of 15 years, with any questions:

TLC’s Current Schools:           

  • Carey
  • Clyde
  • Dover
  • Edison
  • Findlay
  • Firelands
  • Fremont Ross
  • Guerin Catholic
  • Huron
  • Lehman Catholic
  • Lima Central Catholic
  • Monroeville
  • New London
  • Norwalk
  • Norwalk St. Paul
  • Old Fort
  • River View
  • Sandusky St. Mary
  • Sandy Valley
  • South Central
  • St. Joseph Central Catholic
  • Vermilion
  • Versailles
  • Willard

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